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Getting to know each other

Working together

Placing concept in the market




First introduction - Precall

Introduction of offered services*

Pricing - Quotation


Team composition

First proposals per service

First feedback round

Detailed proposals

Second feedback round

Final concept

Formatting concept

Production Planning & Timeline


Marketing & Communication Strategy

Launch & Marketing Execution

Analysis and Evaluation


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Creating a restaurant concept involves developing a unique idea or vision for a restaurant that sets it apart from competitors. It involves identifying the restaurant's target market, defining its brand identity, and determining its menu offerings, pricing, and overall experience.


Restaurant branding entails developing a unique identity and personality for your restaurant. It involves creating a visual and emotional connection with your target audience through various branding elements such as logos, colors, typography, and messaging. Ultimately, successful restaurant branding can help differentiate your establishment, build customer loyalty, and drive revenue growth.


Determining a strategy for a restaurant involves identifying the restaurant's goals, target market, and competitive landscape. It requires analyzing various factors such as menu offerings, pricing, location, and marketing channels. The strategy should outline how the restaurant will differentiate itself from competitors, attract and retain customers, and achieve its desired business outcomes.


Developing and redirecting a menu involves analyzing and optimizing the menu offerings to align with the restaurant's brand identity, target market, and profitability goals. It may involve adding new items, updating existing ones, or removing underperforming dishes. 


The design department of Fumé combines graphic and interior design to create a compelling visual identity for restaurants. While graphic design produces alluring marketing materials, interior design enhances the ambiance for a comfortable dining experience. Together, they shape a restaurant's aesthetic appeal and brand identity.


Our marketing department specializes in developing comprehensive marketing strategies and plans for restaurants. Our targeted campaigns drive traffic to your website, while our SEO and content marketing enhance your online presence. With our combined approach, we maximize your exposure, increase revenue, and build brand recognition.

continuous Monitoring

Our agency offers in-house follow-up services led by experienced freelancers, providing efficient monitoring solutions at fixed daily or hourly rates. With our expertise, we ensure comprehensive and reliable follow-up for your restaurant's needs.

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